We like numbers, you like efficiency. Our tool is an expert at both. 

Introducing Portfolio Builder - an interactive tool for licensed institutions that provides the necessary insights and analysis to assist you in building portfolios. 

Target audience: Chief Investment Officers, Fund Managers, Investment Advisors, Investment Analyst


A seamless, intelligent portfolio builder platform offered to Investment Professionals.

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Common Questions


+ What is the purpose of this platform?

We’ve designed this tool to provide necessary insight and analysis to:

  1. rate portfolio by risk bands
  2. create optimal portfolios along the Efficient Frontier

Our tool relies on two key capabilities which are the Modern Portfolio Theory and Hierarchical Clustering.

+ Why would I use this platform?

Our platform follows a systematic process of creating a portfolio that is based on a single industry practised methodology. It also reduces the time needed to create a portfolio.

+ What are the pain points you are really helping me to solve?

Our tool not only allows you to be more efficient with your time, but it also enhances your client’s experience and understanding. Its interactive interface allows you to better explain diversification through easy to read visuals. Finally, adding constraints to create a practical portfolio is just a matter of a few clicks.

+ Who is this tool for?

This platform is suitable for:

  1. Investment Analysts, Portfolio Managers, CIOs working in a Fund House
  2. Investment Counsellors and Relationship Managers working in a Retail or Private Bank
  3. Investment Teams working in a Robo Advisory Platform

+ How can I integrate it into our (company) system?

Easy. We will provide you the widget to plug into your platform.

Also, are you interested in our calculators? Visit our API library to build your front-end platform.

Time to apply the Portfolio Builder platform in my every day activities!