What is Robo-Advisory?

Robo-advisor is a digital wealth management service that provides automated, technology-augmented and algorithm-based portfolio management services.



We build wealth management digital platforms for businesses. 

Our digital platform allows businesses to offer their customers automated and technology-augmented investment services. Bambu's technology and product solutions enable our clients to deliver a superior customer experience through the digitisation of services. 

We have developed products tailored for every market segments - Private, Affluent and Retail. 


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1. Intelligent Advisor

  • Segment: Private clients

  • Target Audience: Private & Affluent Banking, Family Offices

Our private banking product aims to improve the efficiency of relationship managers.


2. White-Label Robo

  • Segment: Affluent/Retail

  • Target Audience: Banks, Asset Managers & Insurance Companies

Our goal-based Robo-advisor offers investors a natural and easy experience in finding suitable investment strategies for their needs.


3. API Library

BambuAPI developer hub provides users with a platform of independent modules for extending your robo solution to its fullest. A quick integration between Bambu and your project, and is applicable worldwide.


Key Differentiators

keydifferentiator_intelligent algorithms

Powered by proprietary intelligent algorithms and Neural Networks


Goal-based Investing creates valuable Data about investor's lives


Strategic Partnerships with DriveWealth and Thomson Reuters