Investment Promotion And Management Plans To Expand Hong Kong Market Focus On Sales Personnel

Credit: HK Economic Times

Credit: HK Economic Times

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Bambu is depicted as an artificial intelligence consultancy platform which provides wealth management consultancy services to business customers. Bambu was crowned as the "Best Early Stage Startup" in Fintech Final 2017 held in Hong Kong, marking its glorious entry into Hong Kong.

Currently Bambu mainly offers AI products to private banks, retail banks, insurance companies telecommunications agencies to help analyse investment plans and assess risks involved, however, it does not entirely replace wealth management experts since professionals are still essential in closely following up with customers and meeting their investment objectives.

Founder and CEO Ned Phillips exerts paramount significance in promotional strategies. He thinks marketing and sales talents with groundbreaking ideas are harder to locate than technical staff, yet he is confident that he can reach out to an abundant pool of capable candidates in Hong Kong.

According to Ned, Bambu gained 2.17 million HKD profit last year and they are now discussing collaboration details with various financial institutions. With the plan of expanding their business to Hong Kong, Japan and Indonesia, he will first open an office in Hong Kong in January.

Ned sees greater development opportunities in Hong Kong comparing to Singapore, with easier access to North China as well as the overseas market.

The role of AI consultancy in financial organizations will be more prominent in the coming future, thus it will cause changes in operation services, costs and product controll. Digitalization will both lower the cost of customer management and increase customer base at the same time.