Robo-Advisory the Next Big Thing

Robo-advisory is at the beginning on the robo adventure as investment and wealth were offline experiences for the customers previously. Since then, technology has integrated and has brought us a string of benefits.

We can expect robo-advisory to be the new way of wealth management. Here are Bambu we build softwares for our clients, financial and non-financial firms, looking to saving and investment spaces.

Ned shares there are going to be huge expansion in robo in the coming year. You will see banks and asset managers be the leaders in robo-advisory. China, one of the leading fintech ecosystems in the world, is already offering robo-advisory to their customers.

In the next 3-5years you can expect a growth in robo-advisory in Asia. However, you will not expect a world filled with robots and no human interaction. As Ned says “ I have been around fintech for 25years and I am still here.”

What are your thoughts on robo-advisory in the coming year? Will Singapore be able to match up with China’s fintech scene? Share with us your thoughts.