FinovateAsia 2016

How to Save for a Ticket to Mars


As some of you may know, I'm a huge nerd. So when Bambu was on stage at Finovate in Hong Kong, I took the opportunity to promote tickets to Mars. I mean, why not?

It's a perfect use case for goal-based investing. Much like you might budget your household expenses into categories, goal-based investing is a tool to plan ahead for the big things in life. The obvious place to start is retirement, but you might also want to save for your wedding, your kids education, your dream home or any other major life event. Like Mars.

Yet those long-term goals will never materialize unless you actually plan to reach them. Using a goal-based investing platform like Bambu, you can create a simple plan, and most importantly action the plan. Put the money aside, and let it grow in a low-cost investment portfolio instead of wasting away under your mattress, or getting eaten up by inflation in your bank account. Investing shouldn't be about beating the market, but about actually fulfilling your life goals!

Check out our live demo from Finovate below, it's just 4 minutes total. Get your popcorn ready.


To watch the full version (7 mins): Click here


Are you already saving and investing for your life goals? Just looking to beat the market? Are you waiting for the Mars groupon? Feel free to share or comment and add to the conversation!
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Aki Ranin
Chief Operating Officer