UK High Commissioner recognises Bambu

UK High Commissioner recognises Bambu

"Bambu, a wealth management robo solution provider based in Singapore, opened its office in London last year... tech disrupters looking beyond Singapore's domestic and regional markets and attracted by the UK's compelling business environment." -
Scott Wightman, The British High Commissioner to Singapore

We are working to build a global firm and already have teams in San Francisco, London, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Jakarta. It is great to get recognition, from leading people such as Scott Wightman, of our efforts to internationalise and we look forward to growing further. 

[Newsletter] January 2019

This is how our business operates


Bambu is soon to be 3-years old. Anniversaries are always an occasion to reflect on past achievements, and what lies ahead.

In a rare mood of Bambu nostalgia, we pull the curtains back some and give you a peek into what makes Bambu tick. We're big believers in doing things differently, so we decided to rethink some fundamental things about running a business like leaving out strategy, bosses, bonuses, performance reviews, and productivity.

Why, you ask? Read the full post here.

Best regards, 
Ned, Aki & the Bambu team 

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March Newsletter - Bambu goes global


Bambu goes global - Securing first American client and opening a new office in London. 

We would like to announce a new client project based in America that we landed recently. We are looking forward to working with them on building a robo solution for their region and will update you all with more details as we get closer to launching it.

In April, we will be opening our new office in London located at Level39 - Europe's largest financial technology accelerator space. The opening is part of Bambu's long-term growth strategy to offer our services and expertise on a global scale. 

We welcome four new employees to the team - Nick Wakefield, Chen Jie Yang, Hui Min Lee & Tino Sambora. Nick Wakefield was previously our sales consultant but now leads as Managing Director in Europe. Chen Jie joins us to enhance our AI capabilities while Hui Min contributes her design expertise to the team. Lastly, Tino Sambora is here to boost the front-end development of our on-going projects. 

Have a good weekend and see you next month.  
Best regards, 
Ned Phillips, Aki Ranin & the team  

February Newsletter: Bambu wins Fintech of the Year


Bambu wins FinTech of the Year
With the world of finance changing at such a rapid pace, we are aware that being at the forefront of this change is exactly where we should be. One of the best ways we know that we are achieving this is by signing more clients and receiving recognition from our peers within the industry.
In 2018, we have signed new clients and renewed contracts with existing clients, and our efforts are devoted to delivering them the best possible products. Also, we recently won FinTech of the Year for Singapore by The Asset, the longest standing and most respected publication within the asset management community. The article shares more detail but the highlight for us was this feedback - "Bambu in Singapore turned heads with its ability to deploy a clear goals-based investment strategy for banks and asset managers." 
Thank you to our clients and the industry for their continuous support and trust. We look forward to continuing this positive momentum.
Best regards, 
Ned Phillips, Aki Ranin & the team