April Newsletter: Standard Chartered Bank signs with Bambu

 We are very proud to say Standard Chartered Bank has chosen to initiate a Proof of Concept project with Bambu. It is a huge honour as an emerging technology company to gain the confidence of one of the world's leading financial institutions. We look forward to working with Standard Chartered Bank on this new and exciting project. 

We are also hugely thankful to Janos Barberis and his SuperCharger team. Our experience through the 3-month SuperCharger accelerator program has exceeded our expectations. The program delivered all it had promised: partners, clients and connections to supercharge our business above and beyond where we were. 

Bambu has been selected to be part of the Singapore delegation for TiEcon 2017, the world's largest entrepreneurship conference, in Silicon Valley on 5 & 6 May. Bambu is one of the 11 startups representing Singapore. 

Finally, we welcome three new members to the Bambu team - Ezra Hu, Omar Tazi-Mzaalek and Lim Yi Fan. 

Best regards,  
Ned Phillips, Aki Ranin & the team


New Partnership

We would like to announce our partnership with Standard Chartered Bank to build a Proof of Concept using our robo-advisory technology and Thomson Reuters' data. Read more.

Standard Chartered Bank Press Release 

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Joining SuperCharger accelerator program was one of the best decisions made for our startup. Janos Barberis and his team have created a unique and valuable environment. 

If you are a startup, this program will truly accelerate your business; and if you are a financial institution, they are the filter needed to cut through the FinTech noise. 
Check them out

Janos Barberis and the SuperCharger team, we thank you. 

Bambu has been selected to join the Singapore delegation to attend TiEcon 2017, the world's largest entrepreneurship conference, in Silicon Valley this May. 

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Introducing our new team members! 

Meet our new Project Manager, Omar Tazi-Mzaalek who oversees the management and delivery of our projects. Prior to Bambu, he was VP of Business Analysis and Development Manager at TD Securities. 

Ezra Hu, our Financial Analyst Intern, graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). He has a strong interest in machine learning and will be assisting in the development of our Deep Learning project.

Lim Yi Fan joins us as Business Development Intern for the next few months before starting a Degree in Commerce at University of Virginia, Charlottesville.