February Newsletter: Earlier on at Fintech Finals 2017...

Credit: NextMoney

Credit: NextMoney

Start-up life is an adventure. Every day is different; some are better than others. The 19th of January was one of our better days. Following many weeks of waiting and anticipation, we won the Best Early Stage Startup Award at the Next Money Fintech Finals 2017 in Hong Kong. With over 200 entries, only 24 companies were chosen to present live to an audience of over 500 clients and investors in Hong Kong. Making it to the top 24 gave us 6-minutes to pitch our hearts out, and we did. It was a great event and we were very glad that we had been recognised for our work so far. It is still a very long journey for us. The next day we were back at it, selling, producing and delivering. And with this, the adventure continues. We look forward to keeping you updated as we grow and take on new challenges in the coming months. 

One last thing; if you have time, tune in to my podcast I recorded with Rob Findlay. As an avid listener of podcasts, it was super exciting to be the first guest on Rob's new show. If you want to know the background story of Bambu, it is worth a listen. Thanks for tuning in. 

Bambu team

Next Money Podcast
Episode 101 - Robo Advisors & The Asian Wealth Customers

Lend us your ears! Plug in to a postcast with Rob Findlay & Ned Phillips as they chat B2B robo-advisory in Asia. Listen to us

We have been nominated for one of Benzinga Global Fintech Awards. We are up against the global leaders of robo-advisory, Betterment, among others. We would love your support to put Singapore on the robo-advisory map. Vote here