Bambu wins Finastra Universe Award 2019 !


Finastra started in 1970, has gone to become one of the world's largest FinTech companies. Throughout Q1 2019, Finastra invited up-and-coming FinTech companies to present at their events across the globe. Last week at the Finastra Universe Singapore event, Bambu was selected to present among other leading Asian Fintech companies and emerged as the winner.

Thanks, Finastra and see you all next month. 

Best regards, 
Ned, Aki & the Bambu team

We are 3 years old!

Bambu Team 2019 Singapore.jpg

This month marks our 3rd year of redefining the wealth management sector. It's been an amazing adventure so far. Today, we are delivering our technology to 14 global clients; we have a growing team of 45 employees from 19 different countries; we have offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, London, San Francisco and Johannesburg. 

Bambu would not be here without the team and the support and partnership of our customers and investors. Thank you all for your trust and commitment. 

Best regards, 
Ned, Aki & the Bambu team

[Newsletter] January 2019

This is how our business operates


Bambu is soon to be 3-years old. Anniversaries are always an occasion to reflect on past achievements, and what lies ahead.

In a rare mood of Bambu nostalgia, we pull the curtains back some and give you a peek into what makes Bambu tick. We're big believers in doing things differently, so we decided to rethink some fundamental things about running a business like leaving out strategy, bosses, bonuses, performance reviews, and productivity.

Why, you ask? Read the full post here.

Best regards, 
Ned, Aki & the Bambu team 

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