March Newsletter - Bambu goes global


Bambu goes global - Securing first American client and opening a new office in London. 

We would like to announce a new client project based in America that we landed recently. We are looking forward to working with them on building a robo solution for their region and will update you all with more details as we get closer to launching it.

In April, we will be opening our new office in London located at Level39 - Europe's largest financial technology accelerator space. The opening is part of Bambu's long-term growth strategy to offer our services and expertise on a global scale. 

We welcome four new employees to the team - Nick Wakefield, Chen Jie Yang, Hui Min Lee & Tino Sambora. Nick Wakefield was previously our sales consultant but now leads as Managing Director in Europe. Chen Jie joins us to enhance our AI capabilities while Hui Min contributes her design expertise to the team. Lastly, Tino Sambora is here to boost the front-end development of our on-going projects. 

Have a good weekend and see you next month.  
Best regards, 
Ned Phillips, Aki Ranin & the team  

February Newsletter: Bambu wins Fintech of the Year


Bambu wins FinTech of the Year
With the world of finance changing at such a rapid pace, we are aware that being at the forefront of this change is exactly where we should be. One of the best ways we know that we are achieving this is by signing more clients and receiving recognition from our peers within the industry.
In 2018, we have signed new clients and renewed contracts with existing clients, and our efforts are devoted to delivering them the best possible products. Also, we recently won FinTech of the Year for Singapore by The Asset, the longest standing and most respected publication within the asset management community. The article shares more detail but the highlight for us was this feedback - "Bambu in Singapore turned heads with its ability to deploy a clear goals-based investment strategy for banks and asset managers." 
Thank you to our clients and the industry for their continuous support and trust. We look forward to continuing this positive momentum.
Best regards, 
Ned Phillips, Aki Ranin & the team  

The Asset Digital Awards highlights growth of banks’ digital offerings Which bank wins Digital Bank of the Year?

By The Asset

THE process behind what appears to an end user as a seamless, simple, and intuitive digital solution, is often anything but, as new digital offerings have to run a rigorous gauntlet through countless technical and control-related checks before

finally going live. The banks which put in the legwork to provide such seamless end user experiences, as well as successfully onboarding a significant number of clients to their digital offerings, are honoured at The Asset Triple A Digital Awards 2017.

Citibank continued to enhance its digital offering by developing intuitive tools to serve their customers across its footprint, and saw a significant number of digital onboarding acquisitions with many clients using its various digital channels. Mobile banking, like in previous years, has been an important focus for the bank. During the review period, Citi implemented a soft token system across the region and integrated a chatbot Facebook messenger feature for customers in Singapore.

Leveraging on its API capabilities, Citi forged partnerships with the likes of AXA and Honestbee in 2017, embedding credit payment facilities on their partners’ platforms. In India, Citi launched the HELLO communication platform for Citigold customers, allowing a secure channel for the bank’s relationship managers to interact with clients. The system enables easy document sharing and video conferencing for clients that are on the move.

For these achievements and other relevant considerations, Citi captures The Asset Triple A Digital Bank of the Year, Asia- Pacific. The bank also wins Digital Bank awards in several localized markets, for their commitment in creating a frictionless digital experience.

Local banks also made their presence felt in providing seamless solutions at this year’s awards. The Philippines’ Unionbank invested in systems such as facial recognition technology to support logins into its mobile banking system. Moreover, the bank in 2017 launched the country’s first banking chatbot integrated with Facebook messenger, allowing the bank to handle banking enquires in a frictionless manner. Unionbank wins Digital Bank of the Year, Philippines.

In Thailand, Siam Commercial Bank went through a significant digital shift revamping its mobile application, SCB Easy, to carry out tasks such as topping up express cards and paying utility bills. The bank has also implemented a card-less ATM procedure to allow withdrawals from any Siam Commercial Bank ATM using their app. The bank wins Digital Bank of the Year, Thailand.

To provide a seamless solution, some banks had to revamp their systems to keep up with the fast-moving times. In India, Axis Bank reevaluated its credit card risk monitoring system to allow for further automation. Now the bank is able to send alerts and receive confirmation from customers regarding suspicious activity, all done without human intervention. Furthermore, Hong Leong Bank in Malaysia sought to update its branch experience by deploying self-service tablet devices.

For other financial institutions, partnerships were key. In Singapore, Standard Chartered collaborated with start-up company soCash to give customers more options when withdrawing cash from merchant locations. In Taiwan, E.Sun Bank partnered with Amazon Web Services to speed up information sharing in regards revealing potential business leads in the local market.

Financial technology (fintechs) players, such as Investree in Indonesia, have been at the forefront of streamlining SME (small and medium sized enterprise) financing in a market with a US$80 billion SME financing gap. Investree was one of the first peer-to- peer lenders in country, connecting SMEs in need of financing with individuals looking for better returns on their investments. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Privé Managers similarly aims to make it easier for financial institutions to pick and choose which digital wealth management service works best for their business. Bambu in Singapore turned heads with its ability to deploy a clear goals-based investment strategy for banks and asset managers. These fintechs are honoured as Fintech of the Year in their respective markets.

From fintechs to banks, seamless solutions have been at the heart of every digital solution and will continue to be in the minds of technology teams looking to attract more customers.

Source of article: The Asset

Starting 2018 with celebrations!

The start of 2018

From a company of one in February 2016, we've grown to nine people in 2017, and have just crossed 20 today. The world of Robo-advisory has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the past two years, and we have been thankful to be part of that. We still believe that we are in the starting stage of the transformation of wealth into a digital-led experience. We have built capabilities across user experience, machine learning, investment methodology, integration and go-to-market strategy. Robo-advisory is not a one-time solution, but an ongoing evolving process that we embark on with each of our clients. We look forward to building and launching new innovative solutions with our clients in 2018. We will keep you updated as our team grows and products evolve this year.

Best regards, 
Ned Phillips, Aki Ranin & the team  

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Meet our Chief Technology Officer
We announce the appointment of Omar Tazi-Mzaalek as our company's Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Omar is responsible for the continued development of Bambu's technology roadmap and oversees project delivery to our clients. 

Congratulations on the promotion! 


Vote us as Best Robo-advisor
Benzinga Global Fintech Awards has nominated us as Best Robo-advisor, along with other companies. Please vote for us by simply liking /sharing the post. Voting ends in July. Vote here

New team member

Melvin Ng is our new Business Development intern who will focus on ensuring clients and investors are kept up to date with the progress of our projects and assist in making our platform multilingual. Through this internship, he hopes to have a deeper understanding of Robo-advisory and fintech landscape.